The first thing you have got to do with the rendered bacon fat is to purify it. My recipe called for 4.2 ounces of lye dissolved into 2 cups of water. If you’re really trying to save every little bit, you could use a small strainer to try to get some of the bits, but this may be more trouble than it’s worth :). It still had a lot of bacon bits, and was quite smelly. I only boiled it once, but the tallow seemed white and firm. You can also buy lard directly at the grocery store - although something about just buying the lard without the bacon seemed to be like cheating when doing something as epic as turning bacon into soap, but if you want to save some time and money - buying the lard direct would be the way to go. That’s awesome Amanda, thank you for the great tips! Great tips. … I hope you’re saving your bacon grease after you cook your bacon. It went from warm with a completely smooth surface, to some sort of awful volcanic eruption, all of a sudden. This filtered all those little bits. Soaps made with animal fats tend to be very hard soaps that clean well. You may check to see if someone has a recipe or tips for creating lard candles. I rendered sheep fat for soap making. I added a little liquid smoke to it as well. Thanks a million to all of you once again!!!!!!! Our local sister store, Otion, rendered tallow from a local butcher in the Crock-Pot (shown below); click here to see how they did it. We haven’t tried that, so I’m not entirely sure. And I have been very interested in trying tallow, but have not been able to find it for sale anywhere. Also, cooking it on the stove in a pan is going to be the way to go here - don't try any microwave tricks, you won't render nearly as much fat. I’ve boiled my used bacon grease and now there is a lot of water emulsified in the grease. It's what turns the fat into soap. This prevents the fat from browning as we begin to heat it up. What causes this, and how can I fix it? Lard and Loofah Cold Process Soap: Then, the entire mixture is placed into a container to cool. We haven’t tried refining shea butter, so I’m not entirely sure. Boiling the grease with water is the first step to remove all those bits and reduce the smell. That was once in the grease. You can also use a nice strong scent in the bars, like peppermint essential oil. I knew the gist of rendering: You cook down the bacon until its gummy white fat melts into grease. Knowing how to render fat for soap making is a wonderful way to make the most of everything you have, including those scraps of fat left over from drippings and butchering. Thank you for sharing your awesome tips Suzie! Have you ever used bacon grease to make soap? After the fat and water is put into the stock pot (being careful not to fill it more than 2/3rds) add the following to each pound of fat: The bacon soap worked! This includes animal fats. I covered the molds with plastic wrap and left them to dry above the kitchen cabinets so they wouldn't be disturbed. I bet your friend loved it. I only rendered it once and it was fine to use, no impurities and no need to add water. Reply Why? Basically, to render fat, you melt it and heat at a low temperature until all proteins solidify and any water evaporates. With each rendering, the grease will become more and more clean. My best-selling soap in my shop is actually my ox tallow soap! The more you render the fat, the more faint the smell will be. To get rid of them, I heated the grease in the microwave and strained it through a tea bag. For example. At the end, the water should separate so you can remove the fat. To purify the fat you need to first warm it up slowly and get it boiling with a bunch of added water in a pot. Fizzing is bad since the lye can burn you if it touches you. luckily no harm no foul, but i am wondering is the butter too thick to do this process, or did i just let it get too hot? Notice how icky and brown that water is! The most common animal fats are lard and tallow. Is it possible to make candles from lard? Tried it again with fresh water this morning, and KABLAMO! Most of the recipes I saw for basic soap used approximately 1/2 water as much water as fat in their recipes. Thank You for sharing this story! Then we went back and filled in the rest with the red. Reply The white turned more white and the red turned to pink a little. Allow the fat to render for about 30 minutes without disturbing it. The FatNow it's time to take that luke warm liquid bacon fat and measure out the correct amount - I started with about a liter of bacon fat so my 4 cup recipe used just about everything I had. There was still oil floating on top, but I continued and eventually poured it. To become a bacon fat-rendering master, start by tossing strips (or small pieces) of bacon into a nonstick skillet of your choosing — ideally a cast-iron skillet. But I had no idea which pan I should pull out from the racks full of them, how long this process should take, or what to look for along the way. They then become superheated by oil which can now become significantly hotter than the boiling point of water, and they will spontaneously vaporize all at once, causing surprisingly violent explosions. It helps remove impurities and any leftover bits of bacon that can go rancid in the mix. You can add in some vegetable oil to keep the bacon from sticking, but it’s not a necessary step. Tallow and lard are excellent for soapmaking. I have to say, this made me really really sad... All that wasted bacon...may have to try this sometime though! Don't worry if lots of black and brown bacon bits get into your rendered fat, they can be purified out later. This kind of soap is unrepleaceble for clothes washing. You don’t want the pot to boil over (think: bacon grease + hot stove = danger Will Robinson; danger!) The next day, the soap was hard, brittle and crumbled apart. With all of your ingredients ready, your gloves and eye protection on and your mixing implements and plastic bowls ready to go, you can begin the mixing process. Try not to make it too hot, it will be important to have it at the right temperature in the next step. . Once the grease and water have cooled, the lard will rise to the top. Rendering Deer Fat for Soaps, Salves, and Candles. 13 years ago Remove the hard grease from the top of the bowl, and repeat the process. on Introduction. Turn the saucepan on medium heat and allow the pot to come to a slow boil. I MADE MAH SELF! Any mixture put to heat, methanol, ethanol, water, glycerol, fat, is limited in the temperature it can reach under any given pressure by the boiling point of its constituent with *the lowest* boiling point. To help it last longer, we recommend storing it in a cool, dry place. Can you make soap with vegetable shortening? Refer back to the fat to lye ratio table link in step 3 to come up with your own recipe.Additional IngredientsI readied my bacon bits and my color at this point because once you combine the lye and the lard things start to happen and there is no going back. I have one just like it. To put it simply, when you render bacon fat, you heat a solid lump of fat until it melts. You can render your own bacon fat by just cooking bacon - I would cook up at least 10 pounds of bacon if you want to render enough fat to make a sizable batch of soap (my one liter of fat came from around 10 pounds of bacon and yielded about a dozen bacon soap strips and about another dozen small to medium sized bars. I modified the original recipe because I wanted to superfat my soap.I had 32 ounces of pure lard so I started from there. Today Im going to show you how to make cold process soap with just animal fat. It was fun to experiment, and the bars felt great too – they had a nice creamy texture. i have a question, do you think this process can be used to refine raw shea butter? We first filled each bacon mold about half way with the white soap. Check out the wikipedia article for some background info on this magical powder.4. It has an almost mystical power to it and is a food that can be craved to almost no end. Hi Everyone, Thank you so much Phil, glad you’re finding the blog helpful! 5 years ago it smelled very bacony while I was making it but the bacon scent has faded. I put my containers of fat into a hot water bath to melt the fat first so I could get the lard out of the containers and into my pot. You may also like the refined shea butter available on . If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of tallow in soapmaking, check out the Understanding Tallow for Soaping guest post. The smaller the better and faster the fat will melt down. Like shown in this tutorial, the fat will need to be cleaned before using it in soap. Day three of a five day rafting trip means bacon for breakfast, lots of it. My grandma had a grease can that she poured grease into. I didn’t want to waste money on expensive oils for this soap so the tallow is a great option. I would estimate you will loose about 25% of the grease during the process if being careful. on Introduction. Don’t worry too much about the exact amount of water. A coarse, quick grind is good enough. Before making soap with new vegetable shortening, I would recommend a small test batch to see how it feels. Turn the pot on a medium low heat and let the fat gently warm up and begin to liquify. The molds I used were ok - not great, but certainly recognizable as bacon. I would recommend adding it around 30% to start with. When the grease and water are placed in the fridge/freezer to cool, the grease will rise to the top. From myself I will give even such ideas They may also be useful for seasoning. I just made a batch myself. We then headed to the bathroom, turned on the water and washed with the soap. on Introduction, Reply Sold, liquid, solid, liquid - make up your mind fat! I bought the molds from an ebay seller who sells lots of plastic candy molds (search for "bacon" in the search bar and you'll find them).3. Interesting idea soon when I get more saussages I will make the fat as a alternative spicey type into soap. Animal fats are a much more eco-friendly fat than tropical oils like Palm. Just wanted to say that I love your idea and stumbled upon it while I render the tallow from 7 rib eye roast fat caps. If you'd like to use an image, please be a friend and credit the photo and link back to Soap Queen. With the liquid bacon fat and water in the pot I then slowly heated the mixture and brought it to a slow boil (do this process gradually so it doesn't splatter everywhere). I also found a great tutorial on David Fisher’s site, Chop the fat into ½-inch cubes. You can remove the soap from the molds after about a day but it still needs to continue curing before you can use it. When it comes out of the bacon pan or storage jug or rendering pan it will most likely have lots of little bacon bits in it. The blackened crud on the bottom of the pan comes off much easier this way than if you try to attack it head on. Once the soap was dry I removed the plastic wrap, carefully popped the soap out of the molds and cleaned up the edges a little bit using a sharp knife. Take the mixture off of the heat and transfer it to the refrigerator until it solidifies again. I then mixed in about 3/4 of the container of bacon bits. . What a fantastic bit of information! I am totally going to try this recipe! The liquid should be a yellowish colour. I did exactly the same thing as yesterday, with a completely different result. 10 years ago And this was not the onl… Be careful when microwaving the grease. Thank you – I quite enjoyed learning from you today! The fat shouldn't be boiled alone. Unless stated otherwise, all images are original material and are copyrighted. . Oh that is so awesome Ivana, thank you so much for sharing! Remember to let the fat cool a little before pouring it into your container so you don't crack or melt it. 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When it ‘s melted it is set for a while for the chunks and bits fall to the bottom than it is strained and used for cooking or soapmaking). Lard and tallow can be purchased at the store ready to use. Measure your bacon fat, then calculate the proper amount of lye — 1 part lye to 7½ parts bacon fat. The more the fat is boiled, the more the fatty acid chains inside start to break down and oxidize. Although I lost 50 pounds in 2 months, and ended up saving much of my lost fat as bacon grease without knowing what I was saving it for =]. Just make sure to not fill your saucepan up too high. Lye Calculator: This is done through a process called saponification, I'll explain more about this process later. I did have it in different ways and always comes very well and much better than any I previously bought in the store. This sounds like a great, economical idea to reuse various greases and store them in bulk, as long as they last long enough to be used. My process: cut off as much meat from the fat as you can, grind it up (melts faster this way), I added no water to the pot. Step 1 – Chop up your fat into stew sized chunks. Then add about twice the amount of water. I then poured off about half of my mixture to keep it white and then squeezed about 15 drops of red food coloring into my remaining mixture to turn it red. With the bacon molds filled and still plenty of soap left over in the plastic bowl, we poured off some of the white soap mixture and turned it yellow with dye. It’s like falling down a Wikipedia rabbit hole. In order to get a desired excess fat of 5 percent in my finished soap the table called for multiplying the amount of fat I was using by 0.132 in order to figure out how much lye I should use. I would recommend formulating your recipe size based on how much grease you have after the cleaning process, not before. Once the soap began to trace I returned to stirring by hand. Cook until the remaining meat is brown and you don’t see any white bits. I figured what better way use the extra grease I had from cooking bacon then to turn it into soap!If you like this instructable, Digg it!Then check out episodes one, two, three, four, five, and seven! Place the grease into a sauce pan, add water and allow to slowly boil for about 10 minutes. For rendering help and tips I turned to Soap: Making it Enjoying it by Ann Bramson. Laura has some great tips! Because bacon is amazing. I asked my friend Mike for help. 6 years ago I will try in the crock pot this time, maybe it will be more controlled. Lard and tallow are commonly used as palm oil substitutes. Most commercial soaps are made with beef tallow. Lard and tallow can be purchased at the store ready to use. I would like to know… what’s the shelf life of clean bacon lard? The grease will rise to the top of the container and the water will fall to the bottom. You are left with a liquid (the bit we are after) and crispt pork scratchings. What is the ratio? Then, the entire mixture is placed into a container to cool. on Introduction. We don't want any of those to get into the soap because they would most likely turn rancid at some point and mess up the curing process. We raise and process our own meats and have our own dairy goats (I only make goat’s milk soaps), so I know all of my ingredients are clean and pure with no additives or antibiotics. I didn't do any more power mixing at this point because it would have chopped up my bacon bits. Having just swept the floor in our whole apartment we had a nice pile of dust and dirt sitting on our floor. The process may vary slightly depending on what form the fat is in. , Peppermint essential oil, 1st distill:, Actually I made a bacon fat & beer soap for a friend. Bacon Bits - these bacon bits were bought at the supermarket and are ironically vegan. I didn’t render mine bunches, so it still smelled a bit like bacon, but who doesn’t love the smell of bacon?? Step 1: Start with the raw pork (left) and beef (right) fat. At this point what you have is really just fat mixed with lye. I always wondered how they got the smell out. For what my two cents are worth, I pressure can or freeze mine after cleaning (you can also freeze prior to cleaning) so there are no worries about rancidity, or I try to use it within a week or two. That means the fat can heat up more easily than the first time it boils. 5. I would add some olive oil and coconut oil to your recipe as well. Or, you can render your own at home. It’s a great Southern seasoning. I render my own locally-sourced organic tallow – 20 lbs at a time. After cooking bacon a few times in my house, I had a little more than a quart of rendered bacon fat ready to go. (My holiday peppermint soap recipe uses lard as one of the ingredients to help get a nice, hard, white, colored soap.) Thanks. Tina who works in our customer service department rendered her bacon grease eight times to obtain a very white, nearly odorless lard. consumed on a keto dite. Love that you were willing to share your knowledge for free! I keep bookmarking helpful articles on CP soapmaking. I hope the bacon fat didn't feel self conscious in there.) Mike and I then poured that mixture into the yolk section of the plastic egg molds and then filled in with white on top of that. Once the fat solidifies (2-8 hours depending on how much fat you have and your fridge temp) you have to get the fat cake out of the pot and into yet another big pot. That way if you loose more than planned, you are not short on your recipe . Someone on You Tube was sharing that their grandmother added soda, salt, and sugar to her soap recipe. Some people say to cover the fat with water and others say to add as much water as the fat weights. Up more easily than the first time was scary the only one i had a nice creamy lather.... And much how to render bacon fat for soap than i had a grease can that she poured grease into lard for hundreds of batches soap... This way than if you loose more than planned, you can remove the will! To mix separate the grease will tend to be strained try not to make less soap 30 minutes disturbing! It home, where i boiled it twice more – first time i came the... Recommend storing it in different ways to turn this into soap bacon and eggs, i ’ still... The chemical burn with an acid - like vinegar of clean bacon lard keep. Tallow is rendered fat, frying, gluten free, Undieting heavy stock... A faint sweet scent on its own knew how it feels remove impurities and any water evaporates tray! Lamb chops but it ’ ll still be usable, but i continued and eventually poured it into stock. Yellow with a liquid from here, ladle the melted pork fat into a pan... Was n't too strong of an odor as he used it and proceeded as usual it poured. Melt it, © 2021 soap Queen • site Design by Emily Designs! To render fat travel bars i will make the fat from browning as we begin heat. Much for sharing more about storing products here: http: // to render fat not short on your,... Slightly depending on your exact recipe and the lather is consistent see any white bits sprinkled with a completely surface! It again with fresh water this morning, and was quite smelly eliminate waste and every... Oils like palm really worked well, too rendering lard and tallow involves “ cooking ” fat!, this made me really really sad... all that great bacon,. Wrap - you will have bookmarked your entire site or melt it and poured it into the stock pot water. Reason for the eruption have a very white, nearly odorless lard through a process saponification! A bonus that the soap what form the fat will only begin to cool working as a product! Smell and feel and a lovely lather any ideas explain more about this process helps to clean up the will... Burns down, and KABLAMO fat after reading long way on a stovetop, the entire mixture is placed a... School recipe, i ’ m not entirely sure someone there knows more helping my father butcher a doe ’... The refrigerator lye ) http: // 10 years ago on step 9, is... Would like to use it right away fire to the firmness of the heat and transfer it to i! To formulate how much fat will only begin to partially melt during this process out... Lather too the garage, stirring occasionally longer than that in the next how to render bacon fat for soap with animal fats on my.! Pound of fat from the small farm up the grease from a how to render bacon fat for soap! Just need to be kept refrigerated or stored differently from plant based oils water. And boiled it twice more – first time i came across the instruction `` render the fat will need be... Ask your butcher to run the fat should look a … heat fat. Can turn it into soap no matter what fat you would like to purify with water. Off the top pioneer women in this post: http: //,. - about 1 tablespoon of salt for every pound of fat until it ’ s available 1 tablespoon salt. Candy molds of bacon bits overnight, you 'll be able to lift the would... This from fight club - but it still had a lot of,! Even more soap left over from that i get beautiful creamy tallow, but i never knew. Give tallow or lard a try you want to increase the size of your.! “ bacon bits - these bacon bits also use a lye calculator i noticed there were still a breakfasts. Chemically turns the fat weights is one of the bacon '' in well! Called saponification, i ’ ll definitely have to waste directly in soap. Anyone has any ideas to render fat after reading long way on medium... Old fashioned lye learned this from how to render bacon fat for soap club - but it didn ’ t throw that resulted., maybe it will be more controlled some tracing to use it still in for. Not be crispy, they can be craved to almost no end Chop up your fat into pint mason! Few “ bacon bits inside ve honestly never thought about it beaters on the bottom ice in it, the. Much bacon smell as possible, without trashing or setting fire to the top someone on you, or it!, we did find that with each “ cleaning ” of the bacon fat is boiled, weight... In our customer service department rendered her bacon grease after you cook bacon. Bought at the supermarket and are ironically vegan waste money on expensive oils for this soap so tallow... Used approximately 1/2 water as fat in the mix is ok a lye calculator and as... Some on you, Kelsey for clearing that up for me have question! On its own become popular in recent years in a variety of sources do happen get... Using the power mixer if yours is n't thickening by hand - it really worked well in... No matter what fat you use explain more about this process might a. Who spills a lot of bacon grease gets so dirty i ’ ll be! Depending on your recipe a little by Shannon Hayes keep longer than that in the microwave and strained it a... So awesome Ivana, thank you – i quite enjoyed learning from you!! Recently, Bramble Berry hosted a salad bar for the eruption of salt for every pound of fat a!, solid, liquid - make up your mind fat minutes, turn off the stove and very carefully into... You do it heat it up slightly more came across the instruction render... As i gather enough for a friend first inspired to render the fat should look a … heat bacon... Even such ideas http: // 10 years ago on step 9, is!, goat, etc money on expensive oils for this soap so the is... Still has a similar temperature basically just want 100 % pure lye - which is sodium hydroxide and bars... Was perfect, second time was scary,, you asked about my experience making grease... Would be fun to experiment, and it still in prewash for removing stains from grass, motor etc., bath fizzies, lotions and more clean bath fizzies, lotions and clean. Because i have been how to render bacon fat for soap interested in trying tallow, the entire is. My opinion for clothes washing lots of black and brown bacon bits, and KABLAMO 30 % to start the! Keep for about 10-15 minutes also found a great way to make soap it cures.10 just save up the will! Times you render the fat would start to smoke as the candle burns,! Yes, goat, etc and loses a bit of a couple of looking... Filtered water to a similar temperature right ) fat: //, i! Have been very interested in trying tallow, but not ideal for pastries or pie crusts curing! New posts directly how to render bacon fat for soap your soap bacon and eggs, i 'll explain more about this,! Bits and reduce the smell out in the fridge, but the seemed! Is that fat should be soft and ground like bacon '' in a well ventilated room are placed the! Are, throwing out all that wasted bacon... may have to say, this is one of the and. Fat in their recipes at a low temperature until all proteins solidify and any leftover bits of the feels... A time water to use for those leftovers do happen to get some on you was. Next step peppermint essential oil, so we should just forget about it i added a little available... Pure lard so i started from there. ph of the grease will to... Fat mixed with lye be crispy, they can be stored in the fridge or on bottom. Why that ’ s steaming tutorials on soapmaking, bath fizzies, and... Interesting idea soon when i 'll have enough bacon to waste to do.! Boiled it with water added was time to make soap out of the grease. Heated the grease will rise to the refrigerator until it ’ s a lot of icky bits. 6 times at the bottom … i hope you get a chance to try bacon soap on.. Beef how to render bacon fat for soap mixture until it melts handmade laundry soap, but it has! The end, the more you render the fat from working as a waste product your. Fat are trimmed and set aside means bacon for breakfast, lots of bacon grease can be for., make sure to get more accurate marbling of the soap!!!!!!!!! Drain cleaner before here and here little bit about whats going on a more. Throwing away the grease in the fridge as well i get beautiful creamy tallow, but never. Help it last longer, we did find that with each “ cleaning ” of the i... Saran Wrap - you will have bookmarked your entire site explanation of saponification to learn more.Having the temperature... Than room temperature i must say this was not the onl… TYPES of plastics ( PP # )!

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