S 1 EP86TV-14 V = Requires a cable provider login. An enormous spaceship flies over them, and it fires a binding light to the ground, abducting all of the animals on the island. Goku and Android 17 stop a group of Galactic Poachers from stealing the animals off of Monster Island. Jule Rhoda. 悟空と17号の共闘! @oreoghoul: I meant when Jiren teleported between Final Form Frieza and 17, then hit both of them at once. Android 17 stomps. Literal Name One thing to consider is that we dont know HOW much both Goku and Android 17 were holding back. Android 17 had by this point 15 TO 20 YEARS VS GOHAN’S ONE DAY. Elsewhere, Mr. Satan is deciding to call it quits because Majin Buu is no longer there to help him become a better fighter. Gokū to Jūnana-Gō no Kyōtō!! He noticed Golden Frieza was buying time and says he can't allow that, so he was definitely intending to knock them off. Although wildly subjective, I believe Goku's Red form and all his other forms were massively zenkai'ed. Members. Menu. Android 17 has declined Goku 's offer to join the Tournament of Power, despite hearing about being erased should they lose. The soldiers suddenly attack Goku and 17 leaves, confronting the boss in the spaceship's main room. Fullscreen. Luckily, Beerus suddenly wakes up, and that it was all his nightmare. He calls a press conference. ssj3 Goku<=>Dyspo<=17<=>SSG Goku
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